Die Antwoord

The reanimation of Die Antwoord

DIE ANTWOORD took a long break from touring the world in 2019 to focus again on what they love doing best: Music and art. Now Die Antwoord announce their REANIMATION.

Ninja says: "We've been working in private for so long that some people thought we were dead!" And -¥o-Landi adds: "So we decided to name our new EU / UK tour, DIE ANTWOORD, REANIMATED!"

But it won't just be a few live shows, where you'll once again realize that songs like I Fink U Freeky, Baby's On Fire or Ugly Boy are unbelievably brain-blasting rave-rap bastards.

At the same time, the band released a trailer for their new documentary entitled ZEF The Story of Die Antwoord. Produced and directed by South African filmmaker Jon Day. The art featured in the film was created by South African artist Roger Ballen, whose work was a key influence on the aesthetics of the early videos and records. The documentary's narrator is Ninja and ¥o-Landi's shared daughter Sixteen Jones.

Die Antwoord have also teased their sixth album: it will be called UIT DE HEMEL GEVALLEN and will be released in 2024.

This fantastic South-African duo returns to Hungary with their 6th performance, Die Antwoord live on April 12, 2024 at Barba Negra Red Stage!

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